Hair Problems & Hair Fall Treatment during Covid 19 Pandemic

Hair Care consists of an integral part of our day to day hygiene and is extremely essential because it not only regulates the health of the hair but also determines the health of all the other body parts that they cover. 

More than 25 percent of the world’s total population is remaining at home due to the ongoing coronavirus disease, better known as the Covid-19 pandemic. Or, rather, in other words, one in every five to six persons is at their home, observing the quarantine period, maintaining social distance, and eventually trying to keep themselves, their friends and family safe from this potentially extremely fatal virus.

While you’re working from home throughout the whole day and also staying in at night, it is very easy to convince yourself that it doesn’t matter even if you do not take a shower on a regular basis. In these stressful times, often our personal grooming and hygiene routines are the first to go down to the drain. But even if your hair tends to look fine after a few da…

Hair Transplant and it's Advantages

In this article, we are going to discuss different causes for Hair Loss among Men and Women and how these issues can be solved with one and only solution - i.e. Hair Transplantand also how this affects any one's life. 

being a very versatile element of one’s looks and personality can tend to become an underlying reason for depression and un-fulfillment if it is absent at the wrong time. For most people, their hair is always one of the most prominent as well as important features or aspects of their personality. Our modern lifestyle and the stressful work routines, however, have left most of us on the crossroad between our health and wealth.

Causes of Hair Loss: Lack of sufficient as well as balanced nutrition and the increasing amount of stress are few of the most typical reasons for hair loss, which have turned out to be a global concern about health amongst both men and women. Hair loss, sometimes, is also caused due to other factors like hormonal changes, medications, genetics, e…

Hair Fall - Causes and Prevention Tips by Dr.Pauls

Hair fall is always an issue among the general public. Each person at some point of time or the other in their life has to deal with hair fall. There are many different reasons behind hair loss among men and women. Some of the common features that have been identified along the course of research are stress, tension, underlying medical or health problems, or the lifestyle led by the person. 

The reason behind this hair fall might be different in each person’s case. Another reason could be genetic also. Stress and anxiety are one of the major reasons for drastic hair loss. Currently, we are amidst a worldwide pandemic (the COVID-19 pandemic) which has largely contributed to making us stress about the well being of ourselves and our near and dear ones. People are also becoming anxious about losing their jobs and over other daily issues. Hair fall in these times can be triggered as a bad effect of this stress and anxiety that the people are undergoing on a daily basis. These might lead to…

What is main causes of Hair Loss?

Hair loss, also commonly-known and termed as alopecia, is an intermittent affair in both men and women. Though it is a very natural and common phenomenon to shed some hair each day, shedding more than 40 to 50 hair strands daily can be a matter of great concern. It can be stated or assumed that people, who experience ‘greater than normal’ hair loss, may already be having the inherited genetic tendency to what we commonly term as "common baldness."A typical “Male Patterned Baldness” is probably the most frequent cause of hair loss in maximum number of men, which shows alarming signs like receding or fading hairline that can even lead to baldness towards the top of one’s head. Women, on the other hand, may develop “female pattern baldness” in which signs show how one’s hair starts becoming thin over and around the entire scalp. Let’s look deeper into the causes of Hair Loss :
The talk of the town that stress can lead to hair loss is unfortunately proven to be true. Hair …